Trystan W. Turner

Is not part of the story of Cupcake…but it made me cry hard so here it is

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like my little pony.

You: *a new 8 year old mare walks into Twilight’s library*
M-miss Sp-sparkle.

Stranger: Yes?

You: *hands you some papers and a pen*

Stranger: What do you want me to do with these?

You: *looks up at you with the saddest face she can make*Adopt me?

Stranger: What?!

You: *wings get flustered*

Stranger: What how but how did you lose your parents

Stranger: ?

You: Well…Miss Pinkamena won the trial while you were in the hospital after that fight with her,bit she’s still my mom and she said that you should adopt me while shes’s out seeing Fluttershy,Dashie,Applejack and Spikes graves.

Stranger: Well well *sigh* Okay *signs*

You: *takes the papers*I can’t wait until mommy gets back! Me her,you and Rarity are going to have a party to celebrate that she was set free because she;s changed! No more pony cupcakes!

Stranger: Glad she stoped many lost friends *a little tear*

You: It’s because you taught her that you and many others still lover her and because of that she was set free! It’s still a shame…you killed Dashie by making the detective miss Pinkamena….That’s why I named myself Cupcake Dashie Pie!

Stranger: Your name is Cupcake Dashie Pie?

You: Pie for Pinkamena,Dashie For her lost love,and cupcakes to remember those old times.

You: She adopted me after killing my parents…never really knew them anyway.

Stranger: Well maybe you can have a more not from the pass name like umm Menapie?

You: She said that one day me,her,and Dashie are going to live together.

You: And mommy loves my name…It made her say she loves me and cry when I chose it.

Stranger: Okay

You: Wait…*looks out the window and tears p the papers**hops around*MONMYS BACK MOMMYS BACK MOMMYS BACK!*she walks in and I hug her*MOMMy!

You: *she looks up*P:I’m not happy with you…but…you did safe me.

Stranger: Yeah i know but..i wich this could all just never happen

You: *she just looks at you*Mommy?

Stranger: …………..






You: *she pulls a knife*

Stranger: Pinkie calm down now no reason too kill anypony

You: *she looks at you in hunger and lust*

Stranger: Pinkie stop or else something bad will happen

You: Mommy! I don’t want you to go to jail!
*she stops and puts the knife away*

Stranger: I think you should leave

You: Or what?

Stranger: I don’t want this never *runs into her room and lock the door*

You: *she runs in after you and busts the door down*P: I SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU IN THAT FIELD!


You: *she snaps and runs at you with the knife*

Stranger: *Use the magic too take the knife away and point it at her throat* Get..out

You: *throws a green powder on your horn and you are unable to use magic*

Stranger: What the?

You: *picks up the knife and holds you against the wall,knife to your neck*

Stranger: Do it at lest i can stop feeling all this pain and sufiring you have caused me

You: *put the knife away and leaves*Come on Cupcake…lets go…

Stranger: *closes the door after them*

You: *throws a rock in your window that says*Your just not fucking worth it anymore.

Stranger: I hope Celestia sends her to hell

You: *I run back in and stab you in the chest*Mommy wont go back to jail.

Stranger: Ah..*takes the knife out and stab her*

You: Your the reason the all died… because you killed Dashie……ugh..m-mom…

Stranger: *Uses magic to heal the myself* Sorry but rest in peace i won’t die i need to live for our friends yes hate me but please remeber i never wanted this *hugs her dead body after i stabed her* I never wanted anypony dead

You: *Pinkamena rushes in and sees you holding a knife with Cupcake dead on the floor and you unharmed*

Stranger: Pinkie this isnt what it looks like

You: you…you killed Cupcake…

Stranger: She attacked me it it was self defens

You: *picks her up and holds her close*OH CUPCAKE!

Stranger: Maybe theres time maybe i can use a revive spell *search fro books for a spell* Come on come on

You: Sh-she was the only reason I didn’t kill myself…

Stranger: Here is the book *trys to revive her* Come on work damit WORK!

You: 8holds me tight and cries on me*oh cupcake…

Stranger: Damn it’s to late….sorry Pinkie….i tryed but…it didnt work

You: I’LL SEND YOU TO HELL FOR THIS!*looks back at Cupcake and cries*

Stranger: *hands her the knife* Do it *gives a small smile*

You: no…death is to good for you…

Stranger: Pinkie you know that you want too and you need too

You: Your going to the same jail as Dashie did the first time you caught us…and your going to be raped and beat everyday just like she was.

Stranger: Well…..Pinkie…..i hope you met her know *stabs her and hold her dying body*

You: *looks up at you and says*why?

You: I changed…I was going to charge you with murder…………not kill you…

Stranger: Pinkie you have lost so much done so much harm embrasse peace when your died you will feel no pain everthing you will see is our friends and your daughter your little cupcake

You: *grabs the knife hidden behind her ear and slits your throat*no….we all die together…

Stranger: *We both face each other while dying* Pinkie….i think i..i see our….friends

You: *looks dead at you*all i see…is a pile of shit…

You: no wait….i…i see them to…

Stranger: But i shouldnt go there i don’t deserve them or you as friends

You: you did start all this.

Stranger: Yes i must face my punishment *heals her self from death* I must suffer Pinkie for all i have done i must suffer you deserv this you deserv all our friends

You: please twilight.*baling*i want to see all my friends…you and rarity included…

Stranger: But i don’t deserv you and the others *looks away with tears in her eyes*

You: Heal me.

You: please…

Stranger: What?

Stranger: *heals her*

You: *gets up and hugs you*


You: *looks you in the eyes*I want to barry Cupcake inbetween Dashie and where I want to be barried now„,

Stranger: okay.. let’s go i guess *helps her abrry cupcake*

Stranger: barry*

You: And then….my…you…and Rarity can have some special cupcakes…and we’ll all be together again…

Stranger: Special cupcakes?

You: Filled with frugs.

Stranger: *backs away a bit*

You: Drigs*

You: drugs*((fuck!))

Stranger: ((hehe)) Oh okay let’s go make them *cleans of tears*

You: *whipes away a few tears and kisses you*

Stranger: Thanks Pinkie

You: *we head to Sugar Cube and I make them.*Go get Rarity.

Stranger: Okay *sends letter*

You: Send one to Celestia about where I want to be barried….next to Cupcake…who is next to Dashie…

Stranger: Okay *does that too*

You: *holds you*So this is it…

Stranger: Yeah *holds her*

You: We’er really going to do this…

Stranger: Yup…

You: *runs a hoof threw your mane*

Stranger: Uh okay..

You: How long until shes here?

Stranger: Maybe some secunds

Stranger: Or hours i think she is working on a dress

You: Well…while we wait….we can make our last while here count…

Stranger: Okay *makes last while*

You: *after Rarity shows up we come down from my room*That was great.

Stranger: Yeah it was

You: Maybe we should all just get together and fuck.

Stranger: Oh..that would be..nice *blushes*

You: Rarity…come here……and again when we cross over.

Stranger: Yeah

You: *later**hands out the cupcakes*

You: Ready?

Stranger: *Takes it and gulps* Ready

You: *Rarity quickly eats hers and falls to the ground right after*

You: Quick and painless…

Stranger: *Breaths heavy* Yeah….. *nervusly shacking*

You: You first.

Stranger: At the same time?

You: How do I know you wont do that shit again and live?

Stranger: *Takes a knife and cuts off horn* Know i can’t

You: *looks around at all of the “congrats” and “way to go” streams that where for her party,falls to the ground and cries*

Stranger: Pinkie *gets next to her*

You: Y-yess?*sniffles*

Stranger: I just want you too remeber i loved you and your partys we all did we all did

You: Cupcake set this one up for me…

Stranger: Yeah she is a angle

You: *looks at the cake and reads it out loud*Mommy…you are the best thing that has ever happened to me…and I love you with all my heart…you are the best thing ever…*falls over and cries very hard*

Stranger: *Holds her tight* I know Pinkie we never asked for this or any of this

You: *holds her back*

Stranger: *Hands here the cupcake and gets ready to my cupcake* Well….cheers and smiles *smiles*

You: Ch-cheers and smiles…

Stranger: *eats at the same time as you*

You: *looks at you*

Stranger: *looks back before falling dead*

You: *looks around confused*why…why whywhywhywhy…LET ME DIE!…

You: *grabs the knife and,cuts her self open and, pulls out her organs and throws them in a cupcake pan and in the oven bepfre falling to the ground…dead*

Stranger: *In heaven* Pinke where here

Stranger: Pinkie*

You: *gets up and looks around*

Stranger: Isnt it pretty all of our friends are here too and cupcake *smiles big*

You: Wh-where!?

Stranger: There *points too them*

You: *runs over and scoops up Cupcake and holds her tight*

Stranger: *Grup hug and everone one smiles and giggles*

You: Girls….I’m so sorry…

Stranger: *everone one* We all forgive you

You: *grins and holds them all tight as her hair poofs back out for the first time in years*

You: C:so…what do we do now?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Just thought I’d say.

Cupcake Dashie Pie…based off of my last RP…..I really want to finish so if anypony can find him…let me know 




You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like my little pony.

You: *I am a little 8 year old mare who just got home from school and can’t wait to see my dad*

Stranger: *I am a mysterious tall pony hiding somewhere*

You: D-dad?Where are you…and why does it smell bad?

Stranger: *silence*

You: *looks around and finds my dead father in the bathtub*DAD!*grabs him and cries*

Stranger: *door in the house slams shut*

You: *hops up and looks around**huffing and panting*

Stranger: *a thick accented voice comes from somewhere in the house* don’t worry, little pony. You aren’t in danger.

You: W-who are you?

Stranger: *voice coming closer* I hope you don’t waste my time. After all, this stuff isn’t exactly cheap.

You: Wh-what stuff!?*heart racing*

Stranger: *a powdery white substance starts falling from the air ducts*

You: *quickly covers mouth*

Stranger: don’t panic, little one. Just go to sleep.

Stranger: *the bathroom door suddenly closes*

You: *holds mouth shut and bangs on the door with my side*

Stranger: *voice starts getting distorted* I promise, you won’t be harmed once you wake up.

You: *looks around and head for the window and tries to break it*

Stranger: *voice becoming hard to understand* Silly pony. you are a mere mare of 8! How can you get through that glass?

You: *lays on the floor,panting and starting to fade to black*wh-who…are…you…

Stranger: *bathroom door opens* I am yourhhh-hh *slurred speech*

You: *climbs to hooves**speaks of her past*dad…rocks…*wobbles around*monsters…….desert…mom,dead…*falls to the floor and passes out*

Stranger: *several hours later, in a dark room, you are tied up to a table*

You: *slowly wakes up**has a sudden idea of why shes here*P-please…my daddy didn’t mean to do it!

Stranger: *chuckles* you silly mare. *slowly trots around table, body hidden* it has nothing to do with your father.

You: B-but..why did you kill him…and why am I here!?

Stranger: I killed him because he was a bother to my plan. You are here because of that very plan.

You: What plan?

Stranger: A little deal with an associate of mine.

Stranger: *chuckles* I think you feel uncomfortable in the dark. would you like me to turn on a light?

You: NO! Aperture Laboratories are you with them!?

Stranger: No.

Stranger: Well, since it doesn’t really matter to you, I’m in a little deal with a pony named Pinkamena.

You: P-pinkamena…*my heart sinks*

Stranger: trust me. You are a random victim. Pinkamena only wants your body parts. she won’t torture you.

Stranger: That’s my job.


Stranger: Calm down little mare.

Stranger: Enough talk.

Stranger: I want to engage in MY part of the deal.

Stranger: *turns light on* *exposes a room filled with pictures of the pony tied to the table*

You: *blushes a little*

Stranger: *I am a pale blue colt, with tangled hair, and a cloak*

Stranger: Might as well introduce myself. My name is William McMare.

Stranger: *shows face, making my right eye visible, an orange glass eye*

Stranger: But ponies call me One-Eye. *smile*

You: I know who you are…

Stranger: That’s not suprising.

Stranger: A lot of rats trying to hand me to the guards.

Stranger: Your mother was one of them.

You: M-mommy…*tears come to my eyes*sh-she was a gardener…

Stranger: Is that what she told you?

Stranger: She was a delivery pony. She made sure supplies got to Pinkamena without detection.

You: But I saw her! in her shop..

Stranger: She thought that would take her and her family off of The List. Nope.

Stranger: The List treats everyone equally.

Stranger: If you are a business man, or.. say.. an 8 year old mare.

You: *grins*Well then…get to it.

Stranger: *grabs right side of your face* oh, you think like that, do you?

You: *grins*Like what?

Stranger: *look of concern drops onto my face*

Stranger: Well boo. I don’t like my victims enjoying it. I like them fearing for their lives.

You: Well well well…to fucking bad for you.

Stranger: *twisted grin suddenly comes onto my face*

Stranger: *starts laughing* so you enjoy it, huh? Well.. *throws the white powder in your face* I, of course, am excellent at the craft, but…. I think you deserve better then me.

Stranger: *angrily* When you wake up, I’ll be watching. I’ll make sure you don’t have any look of joy on your face.

You: *grins*Go ahead…make my day…*passes out*

Stranger: *once again, you wake up tied up to a table* *One-eye is watching you, giggling*

Stranger: *pulls out blindfold* oh, you are gonna get it, you little twerp. *covers your eyes with the blindfold*

You: *grins*Oh I like surprises.

Stranger: And i will be here, making sure you don’t have that smile on your fu-

Stranger: *different voice* you won’t be watching, Will.

You: Who’s that?

Stranger: *you can hear one-eye leave the room, cursing*

You: Pinkamena?

Stranger: Hi there, little mare.

Stranger: Will told me about how frustrating you were with him.

You: *grins*So your here to fucking rip me open!

Stranger: *you feel your legs get spread apart* something like that…

Stranger: but, you are going to play a little game.

You: *grins and moans*Oh…

Stranger: *you can feel the side of a knife on your cheek*

You: ooohhhhhh…Mistress…

Stranger: Here’s your game.

Stranger: If you smile, once, i run this knife into your head.

You: *grins*

You: I like this game.

Stranger: i don’t think you’re taking me seriously

You: Oh I am Mistress…* juices flowing*I am…

Stranger: *slits your right wrist*

You: *moans deeply*Oh yes~

Stranger: *covers my hoof with the blood from your wrist*

Stranger: You like the pain?

Stranger: *you can hear me licking at my hoof like a dog*

You: *grins*Oh Mistress…you must be thirsty…

Stranger: not really *you feel the handle of the blade get shoved up your pussy*

You: *eyes go wide under the blindfold*It’s backwards honey~

Stranger: *groan of delight, you feel my blood run over your legs* i know..

You: *moans deeply,soaking the table*

Stranger: I need to have some fun too, you *thrusting it into you* selfish *thrust* little *thrust* bitch!

You: *moans deeply*Yes oh yesss I am a bitch,I am Selfish..

Stranger: *i take the knife, and cut you across the chest, your blood flowing out and onto your pussy and thighs*


Stranger: *mouth watering as i continue, i lick your blood drenched clit* oh god yes…

You: Come on you fucking \psycho…eat me…

Stranger: *takes the knife blade and shoves a couple inches of it inside you*


Stranger: Excuse me? *takes the knife out*


Stranger: *grabs your hair* you do not talk to me like that. *rams the knife into your shoulder*

You: *moans and my cum gushes across the table**i grin at you*Bitch.

Stranger: wait.. *looks at your blood covered body, your tangled mane, and your erect wings*

Stranger: *you can see a light being shined on you through the blindfold*

You: What is it?

Stranger: *takes off your blindfold, grabbing onto your face with both hooves, staring deeply into your eyes*

You: *looks back with pure lust*

Stranger: Scootaloo?

You: Scootaloo?

Stranger: *smiles* you look just like a former friend of mine.

You: *grins*And if I am?

Stranger: I know your not. I hear you commited suicide after Dashie died

You: *grins*Ohhhh her…yeah…I knew Scoots.

Stranger: judging from who you are, i think you knew her a little too well.

You: *grins*I ate her.

Stranger: I’m sorry?

You: I chopped her up and ate her for dinner.

Stranger: How do i not know you’re lying?

You: *grins*I love to eat ponies….I always buy all of your cupcakes…you see me every week.

Stranger: i don’t remember the faces of my customers. just the eyes.

You: Well take a good look at your biggest buyer.

Stranger: Well, i have a question for you, big buyer.

Stranger: What do you think are you chances of walking out of my house alive?

You: *grins*Who said I want to leave?

Stranger: I like you, kid. You’re like me, but you have no idea what you’re doing.

You: *tilts head*Explain.

Stranger: You’re a bundle of chaos. You do these things just for the thrill you get from them.

You: I also do it for the fun,the food,and to hear their screams…help get me off…

Stranger: that’s the reasoning of the insane

You: Well I do let them fight me…we fight and I get a few cuts to make them think their safe,and when their guard is down…I jump them and eat the little fuckers.

Stranger: Wanna know what I don’t like about you?

Stranger: You have an uninteresting story.

Stranger: It’s something I’ve heard before. A cannibalistic, sadistic, raping maniac.

You: *grins*It’s a work in pregress.

Stranger: very well.

Stranger: Would you like to hear my story? *grins*


Stranger: how about this:

Stranger: i untie you

Stranger: i tell you my story

Stranger: and then i let you choose: you stay here with me, or you go out and do things on your own.

Stranger: Deal?

You: Fuck yes!

Stranger: *puts a knife to your neck, not hard enough to cut through skin* I’m a pony of my word. I don’t tell lies. I expect the same from you. You break this, so help me god i will make sure you die swift and painless, a death somepony like you wouldn’t want. Understood?

You: *grins*Oh yes Mistress.

Stranger: *frees you from the rope*

You: *sits up on the table *

Stranger: *sits across from you* wow, where do i begin?

Stranger: Well, it all started in Ponyville, about 3 years ago.

Stranger: There was a drought. ponies were told to stay indoors, not only for the drought, but for the storm that was being sent afterwards.

Stranger: My friend, Rainbow Dash, she didn’t care. She wanted to fly that day.

Stranger: She suffered from a heat stroke and got sent to the hospital.

You: *giggles*

Stranger: *gives you a stern look*

Stranger: We were told she was in critical condition, and to go home.

Stranger: So i went home. And, right before the storm, i saw Dashie’s pet turtle, i forgot his name

Stranger: he was at the edge of a 20 foot cliff that had a large river at the bottom

You: Tank?

Stranger: I couldn’t let me friends pet be carried away, right?

Stranger: So i sprinted out, and kicked it away from the river.

Stranger: Before i could run off, an oncoming wave that came from the storm came over the cliff and knocked me in the river.

You: Huh!

Stranger: the rest was blurry, but i remember waking up in a little sandy area with the river to the east and thick forest to the west.

Stranger: 3 weeks.

Stranger: 3 long weeks

You: *puts a hoof on your leg*

Stranger: couldn’t eat the grass. it was wild grass. needed to be cleansed.

Stranger: all i had for food was the river, dirtied from the storm, and a dead body i found.

You: *grins*

Stranger: I remember dumping the body in the river not 10 minutes a rescue hot-air balloon found me.

Stranger: They got me into a hospital, and threw up the first thing they fed me. I was so used to the meat, i couldn’t eat the crap they fed me.

You: *snuggles next to you*

Stranger: *smiles* Well, they let me out, and i locked myself in my home.

Stranger: i didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Stranger: i wanted to be left alone.

Stranger: One night, a crazy urge came from inside me.

Stranger: for some reason, i wanted to kill all the cakes.

Stranger: 4 pony family.

You: Miss Pinkamena.

Stranger: yes?

You: You inspired me to be who I am.*hugs you*I love you.

Stranger: not yet, you do. You know of some of the things i’ve done, but not who i am. May i finish explaing that?

You: Yes Ma-am!

Stranger: Good.

Stranger: Now, i could just go and kill the cakes, right?

Stranger: No. I needed to learn. I needed to make sure i did everything right.

You: You don’t have to learn! Your a natural!

Stranger: *smiles*

Stranger: everyone was a rookie once in their lives.

You: I know I am.

Stranger: I started working out. You should too, not for muscle, but for speed and agility. I started researching old killers, and i even learned a couple of new recipes.

Stranger: Eventually, i picked out a perfect night, i brought them to the basement, and i slit all of their throats.

Stranger: it felt…. amazing.

Stranger: i made 3 batches of cupcakes, one for each parent and one out of both fillies

Stranger: first batch tasted like shit

Stranger: second was even worse

Stranger: i got the hang of it. eventually.

Stranger: after that, it was a 6 month blur of picking out random victims, making cupcakes, and selling a select few to One-Eye will, that colt you bothered so much

You: *giggles*Pinkamena…why cupckaes? Why add all that extra shit?

Stranger: I’ve always loved cupcakes. It was easy for me.

Stranger: I also made an effort to TRY to be with friends. But most of them bored.

Stranger: All of them bored me.

Stranger: Except Dashie.

You: *holds you tight*

Stranger: She was fun. Nice.

Stranger: but, one night, she got drunk at some bar in canterlot without any of us being there

Stranger: she killed a mom and her kid with a broken cider bottle. pegasus killing unicorn is not pretty for the media, trust me.

Stranger: she went into hiding. I couldn’t see her.

You: *couldning help but laugh*

Stranger: To add onto that, the next number i picked was the number of one of my other friends, applejack

Stranger: It was difficult. How could i kill one of my own friends? For a while, i didn’t know what to do.

Stranger: Then, one morning, i woke up, and Dashie was at the doorway.

Stranger: She was on the run, and she needed a place to stay.

Stranger: I said yes, under one condition.

Stranger: She visited my basement.

You: *grins wildly*

Stranger: But, she wasn’t scared.

Stranger: She had been scared of being caught for who knows how long. she wasn’t scared of all the blood.

Stranger: And, i liked her, so i let her live with me. Hell, she helped me with the cooking.

You: Miss Pinkamena

Stranger: yes?

You: How do you do it? Such precision,care,grace.

Stranger: I do it my way, i guess. apparently it works. But, i think grace can’t describe what i did…

Stranger: I remember what i was doing at the time. I was upstairs, washing my face.

Stranger: And i heard Dashie scream.

Stranger: I went downstairs, and i saw the door the basement wide open

Stranger: I looked down and saw applejack and dashie fighting, with rarity watching from afar

You: Oh no!

Stranger: i snatched rarity and locked her in a closet near the staircase…

Stranger: and then.. i.. *tearing up*

You: *holds you*

Stranger: *wipes away tears* i took a knife and ran it through AJ’s back.

Stranger: I literally stabbed her in the back. I felt like i betrayed her.

Stranger: That’s why i never lie.

Stranger: i told Dashie to put her body in a bag and throw it in the fridge, and let me deal with it later

Stranger: I had to have fun with rarity, of course.

You: I wish I could have seen.

Stranger: Even before my pinkamenadays, i’ve always though rarity hated me.

Stranger: So i simply wanted to hear her say that she loved me.

Stranger: She didn’t sound convincing, so i ran a knife through her thigh.

Stranger: then i got the results i wanted

Stranger: she still has that scar today

You: So you let her go?

Stranger: she got the home made stitches i put in here get taken out a while ago

Stranger: yes, i let her go, with death threats of course.

Stranger: she wasn’t on the list, and she was still a friend.

Stranger: so i went downstairs, and guess what i see?

Stranger: Dashie made a whole batch of cupcakes out of AJ.

You: Oh my!*covers mouth*That bitch!

Stranger: she found my recipe and duplicated it.

Stranger: *glares at you* don’t call her a bitch.

Stranger: i loved that she did that.

You: But she stole from you.

Stranger: no she didn’t. She did my job for me, knowing i wasn’t able to do it at the time, handling rarity and all.

Stranger: and, while i was admiring her handywork, she told me that she loved me.

Stranger: *smiling* i thought i was the one that had to admit it to her…

Stranger: you know how we fucked just now?

You: Yeah.

Stranger: Me and dashie, it was different. We made love.

You: You did do pretty bad on me…I can only imagine what you two did.

Stranger: i didn’t want to hurt Dashie.

Stranger: She was that little bit of innocence i had in my life.

Stranger: It was wonderful.

Stranger: But, we woke up to the sound of guard ponies at our door.

Stranger: twilight convinced rarity to snitch on us. I don’t blame rarity, Twi could be convincing when she wanted to.

Stranger: *grins* me and dashie were prepared though.

Stranger: the sprinklers in that house didn’t pour out water

Stranger: it poured out gas

You: *grins wildly*I know that trick!

Stranger: *smiles* well, me and dashie had to get out of there. dashie said she had this abandoned rainbow factory we could live in.

Stranger: but, wherever we went, twilight made sure the guard were on our track.

Stranger: We had to get rid of her. Rarity was under witness protection, so we turned to the last of our friends.

You: Is Twilight dead?

Stranger: Can’t ruin the story for you. *smiles*

You: Ugh…

Stranger: Me and dashie went to go interrogate fluttershy

Stranger: she told us she knew where twilight was.

Stranger: *a look of anger appears on my face* she wouldn’t tell us.

Stranger: we beat her. we cut her. we broke both of her wings.

Stranger: nothing.

Stranger: we couldn’t let her get the last laugh, so i took a kitchen knife and cut her entire head off.

Stranger: *chuckles* dashie kicked it down the stairs.

You: *giggles*

Stranger: we went to twilight’s house, and interrogated her buddy spike.

Stranger: we gave him the same treatment.

Stranger: while we were hunting, we actually spotted her.

Stranger: we chased her into the woods.

Stranger: and we stopped at the front of a lake.

Stranger: we looked around for a little bit, but we heard a strange noise.

Stranger: before any of us realized it, we were in a net, and under water

You: OH NO1

Stranger: swim up, get some air, right?

Stranger: twilight was smarter then that. she covered the whole top of the lake with oil and threw a match on the top.

Stranger: but she forgot about one thing

Stranger: wanna know why i have this long hair?

You: *nods furiously*

Stranger: *moves hair back, exposing a kitchen knife being held between my head and my right ear*

You: Huh?

Stranger: i found that balancing a knife in this positon and covering it with long hair like mine gives you an instant weapon you can use without anyone knowing.

You: But how did that help?

Stranger: cutting through the net twilight caught us in

You: But the fire.

Stranger: that was the thing.

Stranger: dashe picked me up, and flew out, with both of us on fire, until she could find water that wasn’t touched by the oil.

Stranger: it was the greatest 10 second accomplishment of her life.

You: Is she….

Stranger: we both survived

Stranger: we swam out to the shore, and..

Stranger: you see kid, what i just did to you, was normal me.

Stranger: You shouldn’t see me when i’m angry.

You: What happened to Dashie?

Stranger: me and dashie found twilight, of course.

Stranger: and we were gonna kill her.

Stranger: but, they found us. not just the guards, but princess celestia.

You: That bitch found you!?

Stranger: me and dashie got arrested.

Stranger: here’s the kicker.

Stranger: She was sentenced to life in South Hunsington’s prison.

Stranger: I was given the same sentence, but, instead of south hunsington’s, i was sent to her special moon base prison

You: How did you get ba…

Stranger: i’ll explain.

Stranger: for now, i need to tell you that the first 6 months i was in that prison were the worst months of my life

Stranger: normally, i would be happy.

Stranger: *laughing* i would finally be alone!

Stranger: but.. i didn’t want to be alone. i wanted to be with dashie

Stranger: *whispering* 6 months..

Stranger: and then, guess who came to visit?

Stranger: Twilight.

You: What did you do?

Stranger: she was apparently helping the guard and some detective trace down One-Eye, and she wanted my help.

You: So you help and she lets you go?

Stranger: if i wasn’t wearing a face mask, i would’ve spat on her face.

Stranger: *chuckles* i did a lot of shit, you know that. she wouldn’t just let me go.

Stranger: No, she gave me something even better.

Stranger: A transfer, to South Hunsington’s

You: Yay!

Stranger: Exactly.

Stranger: So, i got sent there.

Stranger: The first thing i was told by an inmate was simple. “this isn’t a prison”

Stranger: it wasn’t. it was a jungle.

Stranger: if you killed someone, you were considered an asshole if you didn’t throw their body down The Pit

Stranger: The Pit was this narrow hole that stretched for miles into the earth. they threw all the dead bodies down there.

You: So it was just a big fighting ring?

Stranger: exactly

Stranger: it was run by guards, but what really controlled the inmates was this group called The Taurs

Stranger: the leader was the big green minotaur.

Stranger: he liked my criminal record, so he said he would “leave me alone”

You: Did somepony kill Dashie and them you killed them all!?

Stranger: i searched the prison, and, eventually, i found dashie in her cell.

Stranger: she had not been touched for the past month.

Stranger: she had made friends with a colt who was the resources colt. he gave the taurs a suitcase of cigarettes a month so they would leave him alone. he gave them an extra to leave dashie alone.

Stranger: but, that was only for a month.

Stranger: for the other 5, they raped her every other day.

You: Oh my…what did you do! Did you fuck them up!

Stranger: i did, eventually

Stranger: but, the biggest thing that happened, was the storm that came along.

Stranger: south hunsington is covered by a forcefield, making it impossible for us to get out

Stranger: but, in this storm, they assumed no one could get through it, let alone carrying someone else, so they turned off the force field

Stranger: obviously, they never knew of dashie

You: Dumb asses.

Stranger: *smiles* we got out, we went to the abandoned rainbow factor, and, what do you know, it had a secret staircase that lead to a mansion that was underneath it

Stranger: you couldn’t see the house because of the clouds

Stranger: for the next year, me and dashie lived happily

Stranger: we never argued, we never were upset

Stranger: my life was… good

Stranger: but.. no…

Stranger: i can’t have that.. Twilight wouldn’t let us.

Stranger: apparently, she had become friends with this detective. they were thinking of leads, and they though about the abandoned factory.

Stranger: the guards raided the house.

Stranger: we couldn’t leave anything, so we torched the place.

You: Oh…

Stranger: well…

Stranger: before we could get out, a lot of arrows from crossbows was being fired.

Stranger: we dove behind tilted tables for cover, and, i looked up, to see the detective, about 50 feet away from me, firing her harpoon gun at me.

Stranger: before she pulled the trigger, i see twilight…

Stranger: *tearing up* and twilight, for some fucking reason, knocked the detective over

Stranger: a-a-and the harpoon’s aim was changed, and instead of going through my head it went through Dash-s-*bursts out crying over you*

You: *holds you close*It’s okay…it’s okay…let it all out…


Stranger: ME!

Stranger: not dashie.. *sobs*

You: *holds you*

Stranger: *sniffles* and that’s why

Stranger: that’s why i killed those 20 ponies in that one alleyway with the whole “Pinkamena massacre”

Stranger: that’s why i used that as a diversion to sneak into their homes and try and fail to kill them

Stranger: that’s why i held a whole fucking parade captive

Stranger: that’s why i lit a school on fire, held a celebrity’s sister captive, and bombed a bank without taking a single dollar

Stranger: i blame them all

Stranger: i blame everypony for taking away my happiness

You: No..

Stranger: *looks at you*

You: There is only one to blame.

Stranger: that’s the problem…

Stranger: I….. i can’t find her.

Stranger: i tried tracking her. i tried hacking into every database i know. i tried threatning her friends and family.

Stranger: I can’t. fucking. find her.

You: I know.

Stranger: that’s why i do all this. she won’t be able to see more ponies die, and she will realize how to end it all.

You: I know where she is..

Stranger: don’t bullshit me kid. i’m not in the mood.

You: My daddy….he works-worked with her.

Stranger: ….. was your father’s first name Lance?

You: Yep.

Stranger: Is your last name Redd with two d’s?

You: yep.

Stranger: his skin was black as the night and he had red hair?

You: Yep.

Stranger: *chuckles*

Stranger: i fucked your dad.

You: *Looks at you*When?

Stranger: 2 months ago.

Stranger: i always liked your dad. he was smart, and he actually wanted me behind bars.

Stranger: *laughs*, actually, saying i fucked him is wrong

You: He looked alover for you.

Stranger: he put an arrow in my leg, and while i was down on the ground, he could’ve arrested me

Stranger: but he had other ideas.

Stranger: *chuckles*

You: *blushes deeply*

You: Only if you were my mommy….

Stranger: …..

You: *looks at you*

Stranger: how about this..

Stranger: once i get twilight and the detective, i could adopt you.

You: But….what will I do right now?

Stranger: *smiling* you can live with me, for the time being.

You: *hugs you*Why did you kill daddy,if he didn’t arrest you?

Stranger: i didn’t realize your dad and the lance that fucked me was the same person

Stranger: i just thought it was a coincidence they had the same last names.

You: Miss Pinkamena.

Stranger: yes?

You: I want to help you with Twilight.

Stranger: no

You: But I know where she is!

Stranger: spit it out, then.

You: She lives on the grounds of my daddys work place.

Stranger: Sorry kid. i think you’re mistaken.

You: No really! 2 moths ago he quit his job and moved into his new one!

Stranger: i checked there 2 weeks ago. i caught them transfering her somewhere else.

You: But…how did you get to the center of the moon?

Stranger: cameras, little one

Stranger: i don’t know if you know this about me, but i can work my way around technology when i want to.

You: Well…there si another place….she could be at the Laboratories.

Stranger: Look, there are only 2 ponies on the planet that know exactly where twilight is.

Stranger: one of them is twilight, which doesn’t help.

Stranger: the other is princess celestia.

You: What about Luna?

Stranger: she doesn’t kn-

Stranger: *eyes grow wide*

You: What?

Stranger: Luna…

Stranger: *smile grows on my face*

Stranger: Luna. Luna is gonna help us.

Stranger: *stands up, stretches* i know what to do.

You: Can I come to!Or or I know her! I can lead her here!

Stranger: no. we don’t want her here.

Stranger: we want her in the castle.

You: Why?

Stranger: and of course you can come

You: Yay!

Stranger: I’ll explain on the way.

You: Woo!

Stranger: *2-3 hours later, outside the castle walls*

Stranger: and that, kid, is how i get around without being detected. *places sewer lid back in place* thank god for the walkways on the sides.

You: *grins*You smell good.

Stranger: ha-ha. help me with this rope.

You: Okay!*grabs hold of the rope*

Stranger: *lassos the rope around a brick sticking out of the wall*

Stranger: i’ll climb up first and i’ll pull you up.

You: Are you sure?

Stranger: *starts climbing* positive

You: But I have wings…

Stranger: can you use them?

You: Duh.

Stranger: can you use them well?

You: I guess…hunted down about 15 ponies once.

Stranger: great. then fly up here.

You: *easily flies up with you*

Stranger: *sneaks through window*

Stranger: now.. *gives you a strange piece of metal* put this at the end of this pole and start heating it with the oven across the room

You: Okay!*runs over and does as told*

Stranger: *places bags over the doorway leading into the room*

You: Miss Pinkamena…is this a brand?

Stranger: yes, it is *cuts slits in bags*

You: Neet.

Stranger: now, wait here, keep branding.

Stranger: nopony will come in, celestia’s hosting a dinner party.

You: Okay.

Stranger: i’ll be back in 5 minutes

Stranger: *leaves*

You: *keeps heating it up,grinning in pleasure*I can’t believe i’m helping my hero…

Stranger: *minutes later, i come into the room, dragging a tied up and gagged princess luna*

You: *looks over and almost faints*

Stranger: you see the green powder over her horn?

Stranger: that restricts her magic. One-eye made it for some victims. it’s a life saver.

Stranger: Tie her up to this chair.

You: *puts the brand down on the stove and quickly does as told*

Stranger: *looking through bag we brought with us*

Stranger: *tosses a gas mask at you* put it on.

Stranger: *straps on own gas mask*

You: *puts it on*What are we doing?

Stranger: *pulls out a head out of the bag, that looks just like princess luna’s*

Stranger: go up to the bags i placed above the doorway. when i tell you, you push the bags over. got it?

You: Got it.*walks over to them*

Stranger: i’ll be back in about 30 seconds.

You: Okay.

Stranger: *leaves*

You: *looks at Luna*Luna…

Stranger: *luna stares back, with a look of fear on her face*

You: *grins*I hope we can eat you…*licks her lips as she get wet*

Stranger: *an ear piercing scream is heard throughout the castle, a scream only an enraged princess could make*

You: Pinkamena?

Stranger: *i run in, and slam the doors* GET READY

Stranger: *stands 20 feet away from the doors, facing them*….wait…

Stranger: *princess celestia crashes through the doors*

Stranger: DROP THEM!

You: *drops them as quickly as posible*

Stranger: *the bags release large amounts of white powder*

Stranger: *after everything settles, princess celestia lays there*

Stranger: *i close the doors*

You: *walks over to her*

Stranger: get some of the green powder out of the bag

You: *does so and hands it to you*

Stranger: *dumps over half of it on her horn*

Stranger: bigger horn more powder.. *drages celestia to the nearby wall* get the chains.

You: *gets them and hands them to you*How are we going to carrie both of them back?

Stranger: we’re not *puts chains around celestia’s hooves and wings*

You: We’er going to kill them here?

Stranger: we’re not going to kill them

You: *tilts head*

Stranger: we kill them, every guard from every country on the planet will be sent to equestria to find us.

You: True…

Stranger: with this we only get…. every guard in equestria

You: We can still have a nibble…right?

Stranger: you can have a bite if she needs convincing.

You: *grins*And Luna?

Stranger: i think we shouldn’t touch luna.

Stranger: yet.

Stranger: *takes small blue bottle from the bag*

Stranger: *forces the liquid into celestia’s mouth*

You: What’s that do?

Stranger: Water of Truth. you can guess.

You: *chuckles*

Stranger: *celestia starts waking up*

Stranger: let the games begin…

You: *sits by Luna*

Stranger: *celestia seeing her sister tied up* LUNA!

Stranger: Hi princess. How are you today?

Stranger: *celestia attempts to use magic, only to fail*

Stranger: Listen, me and my friend are short on time, so i’m only going to ask you one question.

Stranger: *celestia shaking in the chains* YOU EVIL BITCH, LET ME GO!

You: Don’t call her a bitch!

Stranger: *picks up the brand, walks over to luna* celestia, why don’t you tell us where twilight sparkle is?

Stranger: *celestia, staring into luna’s hurt eyes* she’s being held in a secret area in Canterlo- *celestia’s body blinks blue*

Stranger: *my smile instantly disappears* i don’t like liars, princess. you need a punishment. *rams the brand into Luna’s chest*

You: *giggles and grins as Luna screams in pain*


Stranger: *takes brand off* now, what is it you would like to say?

Stranger: *tears rolling down her face* she’s in the apple farm barn in ponyville…

Stranger: *no blue flash*

Stranger: well, thank you princess.

You: Of corse…a stupid place nopony would think to look.

Stranger: how much can you carry in-flight, kid?

You: *shrugs*How much am i carrying?

Stranger: me, plus the last couple things in the bag

You: Sure.

Stranger: *pulls out fireworks from the bag*

Stranger: *aims them at the night sky and lights them* you’ll like this, princess.

Stranger: c’mon kid. let’s go.

You: Okay!

You: *takes off out the window*

Stranger: *fireworks explode in the sky, showing the same mark that was branded onto Luna’s chest*

You: *grins*

Stranger: off to Sweet Apple Acres.

You: Okay!*flies that way*i’m still disappointed.

Stranger: disappointed? why?

You: Well about a lot of things really.

Stranger: like?

You: Celestia barely even tried to hold back,and we didn’t eat Luna,and that you haven’t looked in the barn.

Stranger: celestia cared about the safety of her sister

Stranger: we ate luna, that might’ve pushed celestia over the limit. ponies are pretty powerful when they’re angry.

Stranger: i never want back to that barn because of what i did to applejack.

You: I understand…but…have you ever tasted Luna?

Stranger: no

You: She is really juicy.

Stranger: *laughs*

You: *giggles*

Stranger: ah what the fuck… *5 carriages in a row driving away from sweet apple acres, all being pulled by guards*

Stranger: land, land!

You: *lands*

Stranger: *sees them driving away…*

You: fuck in hell!Lets go get them!

Stranger: no.

You: No?

Stranger: we can’t. there’s to many of them.

You: Wait…..

You: What if there all fakes…and she’s still in the barn?

Stranger: *points at the barn from afar* because the barn is on fire as we speak.

Stranger: it’s so dark, we couldn’t see the smoke.

You: *walks around kicking dirt*

Stranger: *eyes widen*

Stranger: *runs onto road*

You: Pinkamena?

Stranger: *picks up a crumpled piece of paper* ……..

Stranger: *reading*

You: *walks over*What is it?

Stranger: *smiling* we got her. but we aren’t going to do anything.

You: Huh?

Stranger: did you watch the equestrian music awards i hacked into?

Stranger: when i held Vinyl Scratch’s sister captive?

You: *giggles*Yeah,the best in years.

Stranger: they listened to me because they heard my demands crystal clear

Stranger: fly us back home. i got some work cut out for me.

You: *flies in that way*what did it say?

Stranger: it said the next location she was being moved to.

Stranger: and 3 back up safe houses.

You: OH! And…what did the music have to do with that?

Stranger: you’ll see…

You: Ugh…I hate waiting…

Stranger: relax…

You: Okay…

Stranger: land on the roof

You: *does as told*

Stranger: *goes inside and starts working on my computer*

You: *follows and watches*

Stranger: you know, equestria doesn’t know how to protect certain things from hackers

Stranger: say, a radio station

Stranger: or several

You: More demands?

Stranger: or all of them, maybe

Stranger: you’ll see *smiling*

You: *raps arms around your neck and kisses your cheek*

Stranger: thanks kid.

You: Anything for you…mommy…

Stranger: *tear rolls down my cheek*

You: What’s wrong?

Stranger: nothing.. i just…

Stranger: *smiling* i love you too.

You: *grins*I love you more.

Stranger: *smiling* we’re not playing this game.

You: *giggles and nibbles on one of your ears*

Stranger: ha.. I’m in *picks up microphone*

Stranger: *hands you handheld radio* listen from there.

You: Okay.

Stranger: three two….

Stranger: *clicks button, static is heard over the radio*

You: huh?

Stranger: okay, now i have to improve the quality…

Stranger: *silence*

Stranger: *to microphone* ponies and gentlecolts, this is a miss pinkamena diane pie speaking

You: *grins*Sounds good.

Stranger: i have been chasing a certain pony for a while now. a miss twilight sparkle.

Stranger: and, honestly, i’m exhausted.

Stranger: this is where you come in Equestria

Stranger: go out to the cabin on the outskirts of ponyville

Stranger: if she isn’t there, go to one of these areas: ponyville prison, ponyville city hall, or anywhere in the ponyville sewers

Stranger: here’s the deal i’ll make with you, equestria

Stranger: you kill twilight

Stranger: and i’ll kill myself.

You: WHAT!

Stranger: thank you for your time. *goes off air*

You: Miss Pinkamena! You can’t be telling the truth!

Stranger: can i explain?


Stranger: they won’t kill her for anything else. why would they?

Stranger: if getting rid of me is the benefit, they will do anything

Stranger: i want to be sure Dashie is avenged.

You: So your not going to kill yourself?

Stranger: i will

You: but…

Stranger: that’s the thing. i was thinking maybe you could join me.

You: But if your dead…how could I?

Stranger: you could join me and dashie

You: *tears roll down my face*but…we’ll be dead…

Stranger: *looks you in the eye* life is supposed to be suffering. it is supposed to be torturing. Death is the reward.

You: *stops crying and hugs you*Yes…

Stranger: that’s implying those dipshits do kill her

You: True…

Stranger: you tired?

You: *hugs you tighter*This world..will be a shell of it’s self without you.

Stranger: no it won’t.

You: Yes….it will.

Stranger: the world will be a better place once I’m gone. they will have experienced the pain i have.

You: Killing one will not change all…you have to stay.

Stranger: ….

Stranger: let’s go to sleep. you can come with me in my bed.

You: *grins*Lead the way!

Stranger: *goes to the top floor, let’s you in*

You: *walks in and looks around(

Stranger: *collapses onto bed*

You: *lays ontop of you*

Stranger: oh god… i’m to young to be feeling this sore…

You: *snuggles into you*

Stranger: *smiles* good night.

You: 8licks your face*Night.

Stranger: *drifts off to sleep*

Stranger: *in the morning, you wake up without me in bed*

You: *looks around*Pinkamena?

You: *gets up and walks around*Pinkamena?

Stranger: *you hear a crash from downstairs* MOTHERFUCK

You: *rushes down*Pinkamena?

Stranger: *you enter the now trashed family room*

Stranger: fucking great…. this is all fucking great….

You: What happened?

Stranger: *points at TV screen*

Stranger: TV: -and everyone decided it was for the best if Twilight was spared, and to let the government handle the situation.

Stranger: TV:in other new-

Stranger: *i punch the TV screen, breaking it*


Stranger: *storms into other room*

You: *follows*

Stranger: *frantically working on the computer*

You: *rubs your shoulders*Calm down…we’ll get her.

Stranger: *no response*

Stranger: *gains access to the radio stations*



Stranger: TODAY, 5: FUCKING 30! *slams microphone on desk, shattering it*

You: Holy shit…

Stranger: *storms upstairs*

You: *slowly follows*

Stranger: *pulls out a strange device* go to the park near city hall. find the field i was talking about. bury that there. they won’t care about some filly like you.

You: what is it?

Stranger: creates a force field, like the one at south hunsington’s.

You: Oooooo…*takes it and rushes off*

Stranger: *in room by myself*

Stranger: *takes out knife and squeezes on the blade*

Stranger: *whispering to myself* don’t worry dashie… i’ll get her…

You: *comes back half an hour later*

Stranger: *twirling the remote detonator for the force field in my blood covered hooves*

You: Are you all right?

Stranger: no

You: *sits with you*

Stranger: …….

You: What’s your plan?

Stranger: *shows you a container with purple powder, almost empty*

Stranger: it teleports you. i try not to use it, because you can trace where the pony teleports to

You: So your going to?

Stranger: the field.

You: Your going to trap her and then teleport her?

Stranger: no

Stranger: i’ll set the trap right before i teleport

Stranger: i’ll end up in there right as it sets….

You: So you and her will be trapped?

Stranger: yup.

You: Why?

Stranger: so i can end this

You: And if shes not there when you teleport there?

Stranger: i’ll know. i got the news, don’t i?

Stranger: *turns on the TV in my room, news is covering the story, with short clips of the field*

You: How long will the shield stay up?

Stranger: 10 minute

Stranger: more then enough time

You: Can I come to?

Stranger: no

Stranger: you can watch in the background, if there’s a crowd

Stranger: but you can’t go in there with me.

You: Why not!?

Stranger: this is between me and her

You: But..what about adopting me and all that other stuff!

Stranger: why do you think i’ve been cutting myself all day.

You: I don’t know.

Stranger: …..

Stranger: *tilts head back and sighs* it’s gonna be ok….

You: *holds you close*so…I’ll wait until you kill her and then?

Stranger: I’ll probably have to kill myself.

You: And what will I do with out you?

Stranger: *tearing up*

Stranger: I’m sorry….

You: *holds you and cries*Mommy…

Stranger: *hugs you back, tears falling* I’m so sorry….

You: Can*panting*can i go in to,just to watch! I won’t do anything! I promice!

Stranger: you can watch with the crowd

You: but mom!


You: *backs up alittle*

Stranger: ……..

Stranger: please… just… leave me alone..

You: Okay mommy…*walks out of your room crying*

Stranger: …….What the fuck did i just do….

Stranger: TV: And, things have just gotten interesting. Twilight Sparkle, not only has arrived to this park, but has stepped onto the field!

Stranger: ……

Stranger: TV: i don’t know how this is going to go down, seeing how the whole field is surronded by celestia and her guards…

Stranger: …….honey?

You: *slowly walks in*Yes mommy?

Stranger: head on out to the park

You: okay mommy…*flies to the park*

Stranger: *twilight in the middle of the field, shaking in nervousness*

You: *is flying above some guards on the side*

Stranger: *a force field starts to flicker around the field*

Stranger: *a puff of purple powder, and I am there*

Stranger: *celestia shouting to me* FREEZE!

Stranger: *forcefield comes up*

Stranger: *guards try to get through field, failing*

You: *flies around watching closly*

Stranger: * i slowly walk torwards twilight, my hoof pushing my hair back*

Stranger: look, pinkie, listen, i know you’re mad, and you have ever-

Stranger: DON’T CALL ME PINKIE! *takes knife from out of hair and stabs twilight in the shoulder*

Stranger: *the crowd groans in horror*

You: *I laugh loudly*

Stranger: *random colt in the crowd notices you* what the fuck is wrong with you?

You: *looks down*Mind your own fucking business asshole.

Stranger: *colt takes offense, but leaves you alone*

Stranger: *inside the field* so, twi. does that hurt?

Stranger: pinkie… please… can’t we-

Stranger: *kicks twilight in the sides* i asked you a question. DOES. *kick* THIS. *kick* HURT!?

Stranger: *twilight crying* yes it hurts….

Stranger: WRONG *stabs twilight in the leg, she lets out a scream*

You: *bursts out laughing and almost falls*

Stranger: what i’m doing to you now, this is nothing. NOTHING.

Stranger: *turns to crowd* what she is feeling isn’t shit!

Stranger: *bends knees to stoop down to twilight’s level* nothing compared to what you did to me.

Stranger: pinkie…. please.. i’m sorry

Stranger: OH YOU’RE SORRY!


Stranger: you know… when i stab a pony, and there’s this much blood on the knife, i usually like drinking it.

Stranger: but, you are such a piece of shit, even your blood isn’t worth anything

Stranger: *licks blood off of knife only to spit in twilight’s face*

You: *by this point I’m rolling on the ground in laughter*

Stranger: *colt in the crowd* stop that. how would you feel if that pony came and killed your parents

You: *gets up and looks him dead in the eyes*She did.

Stranger: *awkward silence*

You: *turns back to the fight*

Stranger: *inside the field* pinkie…. please… i don’t want to see you like this…

Stranger: oh, really? well, twi, what do you want to see me as?

Stranger: *weeping in between words* i want to see the old pinkie pie.. the pinkie that threw parties and loved everyone and always tried to be nice and kind.

Stranger: why?so you can save your own flank?

Stranger: *fighting through tears* no… because.. i care about who you are, and i care about you being a good pony-

Stranger: *laughing*

Stranger: oh, that’s good twilight.

Stranger: Alright fine…

Stranger: *looks out into crowd*

Stranger: now, is there any pony in this crowd that really, truly cares about me?

Stranger: they care about me so much that they want me to stop killing so i can save myself?

Stranger: anypony?

You: *I fly up as soon as you say that*ME ME ME ME!

Stranger: *twilight gives me a look* she’s different.

Stranger: i mean a pony, who hates what i do, and wants me to stop not because of their safety but because of mine.

Stranger: * a noise comes from the other side of the crowd*

Stranger: *Rarity touching the force field*

Stranger: …….Rarity?

Stranger: *somepony else touches the field*

Stranger: ….Princess Luna!?

Stranger: *the crowd is shocked*

You: Miss Pinkamena…what’s going on?

Stranger: but.. i i . I TORTURED YOU. I FUC-

Stranger: *another pony touches the field*

Stranger: you… you were that pony tha-

Stranger: *several other ponies touching the field*

Stranger: *me, just watching in shocked silence*

You: *flies around and looks at them all in total confusion*

Stranger: *i look at you*

Stranger: Pinkie…..

Stranger: *i glare at twilight*

Stranger: Rainbow Dash… wouldn’t have wanted you to be doing what you have done..

Stranger: *crushed look on my face* you-… you how.. how can..

Stranger: *falls to my knees, dropping the knife, bawling*

You: *bangs against the shield*MOM!

Stranger: *Twilight musters up the strength to get up and hug me*

Stranger: GET THE FUCK OFF ME! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU.. *cries onto Twilight’s shoulder*

You: *bangs on it non-stop wanting in*MOMMY!

Stranger: *twilight whispering something to me*

Stranger: *i look at her with hopeful eyes, and then wrap my hooves around her*

Stranger: *the force field flickers, and then shuts off.

You: *flies down and hugs you8

Stranger: *guards knock both you and twilight off of pinkamena*

Stranger: *celestia chaining pinkamena up* Pinkamena Diane Pie, you are under arrest!

Stranger: *the crowd cheers*

You: *cries and tries to get to you*MOM!

Stranger: *rarity grabs your shoulder* don’t worry. she’s going to be ok.

You: Let go of me! I want my mom!

Stranger: *celestia grabs me and teleports me away from the field*

You: *falls to the ground and cries*

Stranger: *twilight crawls in front of you*

Stranger: *panting* the princess passed a new law 5 months ago stating a felon can be released as long as the jury deems he or she truly regretful of the crimes she is found guilty of…

Stranger: she still has a chance

You: *looks up*I still hate you…

Stranger: *twilght still panting* i don’t blame you

You: *smacks her*

Stranger: i… i deserved that…

Stranger: *ambulance ponies help her onto an ambulance carriage and drive her away*

You: *looks at Rarity*Where are they holding her?

Stranger: *rarity looks at you* me and twilight talked before this incident. we are going to help pinkie out as much as possible.

You: I want to see her! I WANT TO BE WITH HER!

Stranger: i don’t know…

You: Don’t know what!?

Stranger: i don’t know where she is being held.

You: *sniffles*Is Luna still here?

Stranger: yes, she’s over there

Stranger: *luna, by herself, under a tree*

You: *runs over to her and looks at her*

Stranger: *luna looks back at you*

You: Miss…Luna…

Stranger: yes?

You: I want to see my mommy…

Stranger: ……i will ask my sister to let you in

You: *hugs her*

Stranger: *luna hugs you back*

You: *has an idea and rushes to Rarity*I’m proof she cares for ponies! I’m alive and healthy!

Stranger: Well, that’s good, but there is a lot of evidence against her.

Stranger: We need one hell of a lawyer…

You: oh…

Stranger: don’t worry, i know the best of the best.

You: Who?

Stranger: *smiles* that’s part of his name

Stranger: *800 miles away*

Stranger: *the phone rings*

Stranger: This is The Doctor, how may i help you?

Stranger: ….. Rarity! hi, how are you? how’s it been?

Stranger: …… you need the biggest favor on the face of the planet? what’s the favor?

Stranger: ………………..if you weren’t a good friend i would hang up right now….

Stranger: *meanwhile, at celestia’s castle*

Stranger: listen, child. you may see her for 5 minutes, and 5 minutes only. understood? no discussing the case.

You: *pouts*Fine.

Stranger: *celestia lets you in the room, I’m behind bars and with a mouth mask on*

You: *rushes over and tries to hug you through the bars*

Stranger: hey kid. how are you doing?

You: I’m okay.Miss Rarity said she’d get you the best lawyer,I can’t say Who because of the dickhead out side.

Stranger: ….you can’t see Who? with a capital W?

You: *beady eyes*Shhhhhh…

Stranger: Oh, alright.

Stranger: I didn’t think you would visit me.

You: Of course! Your my mom!

Stranger: I didn’t fufill my promise though

You: But she didn’t die ether.

Stranger: meh….

Stranger: *celestia walks in* time’s up.

You: But I just got here!*holds you*

Stranger: go. you can’t stay here. you need to meet that whooves guy.

You: *giggles*whispers to you*She really is a dumb fuck,isn’t she?

Stranger: You have no idea….

You: *kisses you*See you later mommy!*walks out*

Stranger: *Rarity and you are waiting at the airport*

Stranger: remember, be respectful to him. he already is doing us too big of a favor defending pinkie.

You: As long as he doesn’t do anything she wouldn’t like.

Stranger: you do realize he is risking his whole career just for pinkie?

You: Yes.

Stranger: ok. just checking.

Stranger: *the doctor comes in from the terminal* Rarity!

Stranger: Doctor! How are you?

Stranger: I just had a shit plane ride and i’m about to defend the most notorious serial killer in equestria. other then that, i’m good. *looks at you* who’s this?

You: Don’t be like that…

Stranger: be like what?

You: …..

You: Call her by her name…not “killer”…

Stranger: You must be Pinkamena’s kid, right? news companies are going nuts over you.

You: Really?

Stranger: You are the daughter of Pinkamena Diane Pie. What more do you need?

You: I’m not her daughter! she adopted me!

Stranger: You sure act like her daughter.

You: I love her! I want to BE her!

You: Well…I might as well as be her daughter…never really got to know my parenst.

Stranger: Okay, that’s great. But. That won’t work as a defense in a trial.

Stranger: you have to talk about how much she cares about you, how comfortable you feel around her, all the nice things she does for you, blah blah blah.

Stranger: and you have to convince people that you can’t see anything wrong in what she does.

You: I don’t!

Stranger: oh. that’s perfect then.

You: I don’t like you already…

Stranger: I’m a lawyer. I’m not supposed to be liked. *grins*

You: Hey I can call you an ASSHOLE! Because of my rights.But I’m not going to! i’m going to be nice.

Stranger: I like you already… *picks up suitcase* Rarity, you have the nicest place, so that’s where I’m sleeping today. *heads off*

Stranger: *rarity looking at you* uh… he’s someone you have to get used to..

You: He’s a prick.

Stranger: He’s the best.

You: He is an asshole.

Stranger: Once you see him work his magic in court, you’ll forget all about it.

You: *looks at you sternly*

Stranger: trust me. he just asks for a lot..

You: He better not cost much…don’t want to spend all of my money.

Stranger: I’m not talking about money..

You: I knew that.

Stranger: I’m the one who has the wake up sore in the morning. You are the one that’s is going to visit pinkie as much as possible before the trial, right?

You: I thought I couldn’t see her!

Stranger: you get 5 minute periods everyday. you didn’t know?

You: No…

Stranger: I’ll take you to her tommorow, ok?

You: YES!

Stranger: *the next day*

Stranger: you get 5 minutes one pony at a time.

Stranger: Go ahead, i’ll just wait here… *rarity sits, and grunts in pain*

You: Hold on!Before I go in….do you always say “one pony at a time”?

Stranger: *rarity getting too much pain from sitting* JUST GO IN!

You: all right! all right…*goes in**runs over and hugs her*

Stranger: hey kid. how’s my lawyer?

You: He said that he will try his best…but he’s being a real asshole.

Stranger: he has to be an asshole. he’s a lawyer.

You: *giggles*How are you?

Stranger: I’m fine. this place’s food isn’t complete shit.

You: I’m a little worried.

Stranger: don’t worry. everything’s gonna be fine

You: no,it’s not that…

Stranger: what?

You: Everypony with a camera wants to see the daughter of Pinkamena Diane Pie.

Stranger: You’re not legally my daughter.

You: They don’t know that.

Stranger: well, that’s just something you have to go through. you’re tough enough to walk by a few flashing cameras, right?

You: Yeah…if I bring the papers tomorrow…will you sign!?

Stranger: *laughs* if they let me use a pen

You: *giggles*Yeah…

Stranger: *celestia walks in* times up

You: *licks your face mask*See you tomorrow…

Stranger: bye kid…

You: Bye mom.*leaves*

Stranger: *the next day, at the courthouse*

Stranger: *the Doctor finds you in the crowd*

Stranger: hey, kid. i need to talk with you.

You: Yeah?*walks over*

Stranger: look, we have 2 problems here.

Stranger: well, one is more of a- never mind


Stranger: We’re picking out the jury today, which means we have to pick out which one of many ponies hate Pinkamena the least

Stranger: I’m thinking some fathers with kids, so they can relate to you.

You: Well…Twilight,Rarity,Luna…they all wanted her back…

Stranger: those are witnesses. we need to pick out the jury, the ponies all deciding if pinkamena walks out of here.

Stranger: And, worse news..

Stranger: Princess Celestia can’t be a judge, for she is a witness

You: Then who is?

Stranger: So princess Cadence will be taking her place.

You: oooohhhh shit.

Stranger: Yeah, the bitch who started a charity to find your mom is the judge.

You: *giggles*

Stranger: So, there is gonna be some bias.

Stranger: Don’t worry, the other lawyer is a piece of cake. I know him like the back of my hoof.

You: Who is it?

Stranger: Melvin Cherry. He’s obviously from the cherry family.

Stranger: But, a colt named melvin isn’t something to worry about it.

You: *looks at you in fear*Will mommy be all right?

Stranger: ….I am going to try my hardest to get your mom back on the streets. Okay?

You: I was trained by my mom and dad…on the once a year times I did see them to kill her when I had the chance…but…if you get to know her…you just fall in love with her…

Stranger: … i know that feeling. *goes off to the stand*

Stranger: *cadence rises* this court is now in session. Today’s order of duty is to pick out a jury for The State V. Pinkamena Diane Pie.

Stranger: Anything to say before we begin?

Stranger: *the doctor leaps up* one second!

Stranger: *he runs to you* don’t resist *he picks you up, and places you in a seat in the front row*

You: Um…

Stranger: *the court bursts out in laughter*

Stranger: I just want to make sure i can get your opinon on the jury easily….

Stranger: but, if anyone asks, i really care about my witnesses.

You: *grins a little*

Stranger: *cadence clearly not amused*

Stranger: No further actions, your Honor. *grins*

You: *whispers to you*Isn’t it eleagal to hold a bias trial,seeing as how she hates her,shouldn’t that be bad?

Stranger: *whispering back* It would be illegal, but she’s royalty, so she could throw piles of shit at us and get away with it

You: *whispers back*but stil..this is bullshit.

Stranger: Horseshit.

You: Huh?

Stranger: nothing…

Stranger: *cadence glares at the doctor, then starts the list* our first choice is.. a Miss Lyra Heartstrings.

Stranger: *the green unicorn makes her way up to the stand*

Stranger: *Mr. Cherry begins* Miss Heartstrings, do you have friends?

Stranger: *lyra gives cherry an offended look* yes….

Stranger: Has any of these friends ever lose someone close to them.

Stranger: yes

Stranger: What would you do to comfort them?

Stranger: I would tell them everything is gonna be ok…

Stranger: No further questions. *mr cherry gives the doctor a look on the way back to his seat*

Stranger: *the doctor goes up to lyra* miss heartstings, do you have someone you love dearly?

Stranger: *lyra blushes* yes…..

Stranger: *the doctor gives her a charming smile* you would do anything to make each other happy, wouldn’t you?

Stranger: of course….

Stranger: No further questions your Honor! *falls back onto his chair*

Stranger: *cadence looks at both lawyers* very well then, Miss heartstrings, take a seat on the jury

Stranger: *the doctor whispers to you* she’s a lovey dovey type. She can easily be swayed our way.

You: *whispers back*Thats not right.

Stranger: What?

You: *whispers*Swaying,that’s not right! You can’t convince her,she has to do it on her own free will.

Stranger: *whispers* you say it like you don’t want your mom free.

You: *whispers*I say it like it’s the law.

Stranger: fine.

Stranger: *4 hours later, the entire jury has been selected* *cadence dismisses the court*

Stranger: ok kid, *the doctor shows profiles of the jury* here’s the results.

You: *looks at them*….never seen them before today.

Stranger: doesn’t matter. we have to look at the small things that influence them.

Stranger: like this problem: 11 out of 21 of them are unicorns. 8 pegasi, only 2 normal ponies.

You: Well…..fuck.

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: BUT

Stranger: 13 out of 21 are colts, and 10 of those 13 have kids

You: *grins a little*

Stranger: it’s gonna be tough, but we’ll get it.

You: Promice?

Stranger: ….Promise.

You: *grins*

Stranger: You see, I’ll be studying this case at 2 AM one day and i’ll say “damnit, why did i promise”

Stranger: So your welcome. *grins*

You: Huh?

You: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Stranger: I have enough on my shoulders already. now i have something heavier then that all *picks up suitcase* a promise to an 8 year old. *walks to the judge*

Stranger: *the next day*

Stranger: *celestia doesn’t give you glares anymore* 5 minutes….

You: *grins and rushes in and hugs her like always*

Stranger: hey, do you like your name?

You: What is it!*grinning*

Stranger: once i’m out, whatever you want

You: *grins**hands you the pappers*Brought them!Just like I promised!

Stranger: thanks. Pen?

You: *hands you a pen*

Stranger: *signs the papers* here yah go.

You: *takes it and grins*Do I sign my name now?

Stranger: Go ahead.

You: *writes something down*

Stranger: hey, how’s my jury?

You: doctor say.*whispers*he thinks he can bribe them.

Stranger: I think you misheard him.

You: He said they should be easy to convice.

Stranger: Convince in court.

You: *tilts head*Anyway! how are you!?

Stranger: I’m good. I kind of wish i could meet other ponies besides you and rarity.

You: Yeah…

Stranger: Hey, do you have a seat near the lawyer’s table?

You: Right next to him.

Stranger: good. I want you to be close when I’m in there tommorow.

You: Want to see my new name!

Stranger: Hit me.

You: *holds up the paper and it reads* Cupcake Dashie Pie!

Stranger: …..*tearing up* i love you so much

You: *grins and tries to kiss you while crying*

Stranger: *celestia walks in* time’s up.

Stranger: *sigh* see you tommorow cupcake *smiles*

You: *grins and licks your face mask again*See you tomorrow mom.*turns and walks out with Celestia*

Stranger: *the next day, in the courtroom*

Stranger: *the doctor takes his seat* so, i heard you got a new name.

You: Yep!

Stranger: Cupcake’s not bad. I wouldn’t have thought it.

You: Well you wouldn’t understand it ether.

Stranger: Oh well. But hey, i get to meet your mom today.

Stranger: I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy or frightened out of my mind.

You: *giggles*

You: A bit of both.

Stranger: Whatever it is, it’ll leave me drinking at 1 Am tonight.

Stranger: *the doors open, the courtroom goes quiet*

Stranger: *pinkamena gets seated right next to the Doctor*

You: *I have at her*hi mom!

Stranger: *smiles at you* hey honey..

Stranger: *clears throat* Pleased to meet you, Miss Pie. I’m the Doctor.

Stranger: Are you the asshole lawyer Cupcake talked about?

You: *giggles*

Stranger: I wouldn’t say asshole. just unorthadox.

Stranger: *princess cadence comes out* good evening everypony. today, we will be examining witnesses in the-

Stranger: *whispering to you* she’s giving pinkamena evil eyes..

You: *whispers back*no shit.

Stranger: The defense, how many witnesses do you have?

Stranger: 4

Stranger: The state?

Stranger: *mr cherry clears his throat confidenty* 78

Stranger: *the courtroom does a doubletake*

You: holy shit.

Stranger: *the doctor looks at pinkamena* 78 fucking witnesses?!

Stranger: that’s bullshit, no way that many ponies saw me….

You: Yeah!

Stranger: Mr. cherry, you must choose 5 witnesses

Stranger: *Mr cherry’s skin goes a little pale* oh.. um okay… *he rummages through papers*

Stranger: the first witness… is a miss jane scratch!

You: I think he’s pulling some shit.

Stranger: *jane walks to the stand*

Stranger: *whisper* isn’t that Vinyl’s sister?

You: Yep…

Stranger: So, miss Scratch… what happened to you on the day of June 15th?

Stranger: Well… i was getting ready for the music awards that night, up until.. around 4 oclock

Stranger: *pause for dramatic effect* what happened then?

Stranger: I don’t know, it was just a blur…

Stranger: do you remember waking up?

Stranger: I remember waking up in a small cellar like room, with a bunch of computer screens and… her, inside

Stranger: What did she do to you then?

Stranger: she ignored me until she started recording…

Stranger: now, with the judges permission *cadence gives a nod to mr. cherry* i will play the tape of the events that happened that night..

Stranger: *whisper* i’ve never actually seen it. how bad is it?

You: *just nods*

Stranger: *video starts*

Stranger: Pinkamena: Hello Equestria! Your normal programming will return to you shortly. for now, me and miss jane scratch here are going to play a game! Just have to…*dialing phone* call a friend..

Stranger: Vinyl Scratch (over phone): h-hello?

Stranger: Pinkamena: Hey, vinyl, how much do you love your sister?

Stranger: Vinyl: Look please, don’t hurt her, she’s myonly sister, please….

Stranger: Pinkamena: *hangs up* i ask her a question, and she ignores it… oh well… Jane, you can i are gonna have to play a game by ourselves! *takes out a coin* heads, i stab you in the head, tails, i cut off your tail. okay *flips coin*

Stranger: *silence*

Stranger: Pinkamena: *laughter*

Stranger: *video ends*

Stranger: *whispers* wow….that could’ve been worse.

You: *looks at you with a very worried face*

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Tear jurker 

Tear jurker 

I hope to do more with changlings

I hope to do more with changlings

Oc update

Mr.Slooth : A detective pony on the edge of the Everfree

Cherry Blossom : The plant god from the center of the Everfree

1403 : A test pony from Institution 13

Forte : A pony that lives with “Mommy” in a top secret lab,under the entrace to the everfree

OC’s you have yet to see

Marie:Last of the gypsy ponies

 David:A colt who stole a filly and keeps her as his daughter

 Quenn((I don’t have an exact name yet)):was killed long ago and has escaped hell to bring her nation back…..her nation stood where Equestria stands now,


Might be gone from Tumblr for a bit…and by that I meen I will be on here,just not as often.
I’m making a Fan-fic,witch shall remane a secret until I have a bit done,at witch I will give you a  link and a description of what it is about.All right? All right. (:







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I feel sick

I’m emotionally embedded in my OC’s to a point to where I feel their pain,I feel their love,their hate,their sorrow…everything……it feels like sh!t


Sure…same as last time



Electro Bolt

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like my little pony.

Stranger: Hello

You: Hi.

Stranger: I’m looking for Pinkie

You: Pinkie?Shes at Sugar Cube silly!

Stranger: i need to ask her a question

You: I’ll get it to her,what is it?

Stranger: well more specifically the cakes

Stranger: I was wondering about the new foals

Stranger: how are they a unicorn and pegasus

Stranger: the cakes are earth ponies

You: Didn’t you here?

Stranger: what?

You: MR.Cake’s great grabfrther was a unicorn,and Mrs.Cakes great grandmother was a pegasus,or something like that.

Stranger: that doesn’t make any sense

You: Sure it does.

Stranger: i’m rainbow’s sister

Stranger: and i’m a unicorn

You: As long as they had those traits in them it could have happened.

Stranger: both of my parents were pegasi

Stranger: it runs in the family

Stranger: i’m the odd one out

You: As long as you had a unicorn somewhere down the line…then you would be adopted.

Stranger: *looks at you*

Stranger: i am not adopted

Stranger: although i think we did have one unicorn]

You: Than one of your ancestors was a unicorn,or onr of your grandmothers or farther back was a whore.

Stranger: *punches you*

You: I didn’t say she was,IO said if she didn’t marry him she was.

Stranger: don’t say that again

You: I didn’t mean to efend.That’s just how it is,if you don’t have a unicorn somewhere in your family one of your ancesrors “a mare” slepped with a unicorn and never married.

Stranger: we did have a unicorn somewhere

Stranger: only one though

Stranger: and we thought his genes never spread

You: Well…they did.

Stranger: but apparently they did

Stranger: and that made me

Stranger: *takes off orange goggles*

Stranger: Electro Bolt

Stranger: *holds out hoof*

You: *kisses you quickly*Hello Mister Bolt.

Stranger: what’s your name?

You: I don’t have a name.

Stranger: you don’t?

You: Nope.

Stranger: why did you kiss me?

You: To greet you

You: .*

Stranger: um ok

You: So how close are you to Pinkie?

Stranger: we’re good friends

You: I’m better friends.

Stranger: you are?

You: We’er….. ENGAGED!

Stranger: *mouth opens wide*

Stranger: y-y-you are?!

You: Yes sir!

Stranger: Don’t call me sir

You: Why not?

Stranger: i don’t like when ponies do

You: Okay?

Stranger: just don’t call me sir

You: Say! You should come to our party!

Stranger: could my daughters come?

You: Um…’s…um…

Stranger: what kind of party?

You: Where me and Pinkie have sex,while “most of the colts in Equestria will be there” and clop off on us.

Stranger: *looks at you confused*

Stranger: why would you do that?

You: It’s they 8th one this week!

Stranger: *looks at you shocked*

Stranger: what the buck

You: What?

Stranger: i never thought pinkie would do that

You: Well if you were a colt who had nopony to empty his balls on you’d show up.

Stranger: excuse me but my vision isn’t the best

Stranger: are you a mare or a colt

You: Mare.

Stranger: ok *puts goggles back on*

Stranger: no thanks

You: Okay.

Stranger: i have the pricess

Stranger: princess*

Stranger: I’m her “toy”

You: *giggles*I’ve fucked that whore to!

Stranger: i know you have

You: Yeah,she casted a spell that gave me a 30in. cock to fuck her tight pussy with.And did you watch?

Stranger: yes from the corner

You: *grins*Enjoy the show?

Stranger: it was pretty weird

Stranger: and yes i did

You: Well….if you ever want a piece of me.

Stranger: *blushes*

Stranger: *rubs white mane*

Stranger: uhh

You: *turns around and flicks my tail in your face*

Stranger: *blushes harder*

You: *flicks tail in the air to show you my dripping wet pussy*

Stranger: *stares at it*

Stranger: i uh

You: *shakes flank*

Stranger: ok i’ll be at the party

You: Hows about a little invatation?

Stranger: invitation?

You: *flicks tail around*And as party favorse before everypony leaves….I fuck them all in my ass,mouth,and pussy,five at a time until I’v fucked them all.

Stranger: wow

Stranger: your amazing

Stranger: *rubs your flank*

You: Last time there was over a 1000 colts there…fucked them all.And after that I pass out on the street so passing colts can cum on my,even after the party.

Stranger: wow your such a naughty mare

You: And by five at a time,I meant I fuck five in each hole…at the same tome.

Stranger: holy shit

Stranger: *slaps your ass*

Stranger: that must hurt

You: *moans*Agian.

Stranger: *slaps*

You: *cums*But if you touch me at the party before I say you can….well….there’s a colt that cums toothpaste.

Stranger: ew

Stranger: your a kinky mare

You: I did surgery to teach him a lesson,now only I will fuck him……is there a misses bolt?

Stranger: um not yet

Stranger: in about four days

You: Than*opens pussy wide*cum on in~

Stranger: *puts it in slowly*

You: *moans*

Stranger: *bucks you hard*

You: MMmmmmm…faster.

Stranger: *bucks faster*

You: Come on! Buck my brains oout!

Stranger: *bucks as hard as i can*

You: BUCK!!~*cums*F-faster!

Stranger: *goes faster*

You: Y-yessss~

Stranger: *holds in cum and pulls out*

Stranger: not yet

You: What are you doing?You can just buck me again!

Stranger: hmm

You: Come on big colt…cum in my tight pussy.

Stranger: i already had two foals im not having another

You: I fuck easily over 1000 guys a day…you really think I’m not on the pill?

Stranger: fine

Stranger: *puts it back in and cums*

You: *cums and moans*Come on…keep going~

Stranger: *bucks hard and fast*


Stranger: *cums again*

Stranger: *keeps going*

You: Come on! DRAIN YOUR BALLS IN ME!!!!

Stranger: *cums again*


Stranger: *goes harder and faster*

Stranger: *cums again*

You: DAMN! D-don’t st-stop~

Stranger: *goes harder and faster*

You: *cums and moans*Oooohhhhhh

Stranger: *cums again*

You: Is that all you’ve got?

Stranger: i work with celestia

Stranger: what do you think?

You: Than so your worst!

Stranger: im not done yet

You: You better not be!

Stranger: *goes faster and harder*


Stranger: *cums three times in a row*


Stranger: *cums nonstop*

You: BUCK!*takes it all in*YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Stranger: are you done?

You: N-no!

Stranger: *goes harder and faster*

Stranger: *cums more*

You: B-buck my ass!

Stranger: *pulls out of your pussy and pierces your ass*

Stranger: *bucks hard and fast*

You: *moans and cums as all of your cum pours out of my pussy*

Stranger: *cums in your ass*

You: DAMN!

Stranger: what?


Stranger: *goes harder and faster*

Stranger: *cums*

Stranger: *cums*

Stranger: *cums*

Stranger: *cums*

Stranger: are you full yet?

You: *tuns around and sucks your cock*

Stranger: *cums*

You: *keeps going*

Stranger: *cums again*

You: *keeps going,harder,deeper,and faster*

Stranger: *cums nonstop*

You: *drinks it all*

Stranger: are you done yet?

You: Are you?

Stranger: nope

You: Me ehter.

Stranger: *cums all over your face*

Stranger: now im done

You: I’m not~

Stranger: then keep going

You: *keeps sucking*

Stranger: *cums*

You: See…your not dry yet!*keeps going*

Stranger: *cums*

You: *goes faster*

Stranger: just to let you know

Stranger: i never run out of cum

Stranger: *cums*

Stranger: celestia put a spell on me

You: *looks up at you with lust in my eyes*

Stranger: you ok?

Stranger: *cums*

You: Who are you marring?

Stranger: Derpy

You: D-DERPY!?SHE GETS THEY BOTTOM LESS PIT OF CUM! I’m happy for her and all but,WHY NOT ME!?

Stranger: because i don’t have a daughter with you

Stranger: and i will still buck with you

Stranger: if that’s ok

You: But your married?

Stranger: not yet

You: But you will be,so how would we still buck?

Stranger: i don’t have to marry her

Stranger: i didn’t marry vinyl when we had a daughter

You: *grins**sucks faster,harder,and deeper than ever*

Stranger: *cums again*

You: *lays down and spreads my pussy wide*

Stranger: *bucks it hard and fast*

Stranger: *cums*


Stranger: *horn glows and cock gets thicker and longer*

Stranger: *bucks you harder and faster then before*

You: M-more! MAKE IT BIGGER!

Stranger: *horn glows brighter and it gets bigger*

You: MORE!

Stranger: *it gets bigger*


Stranger: *bucks you as hard and fast as i can*

You: Cast another spell….GROW ANOTHER COCK!

Stranger: *cums so much the cum shoots out of your pussy*

You: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….now hows about that second cock?

Stranger: *grows another cock bigger then the other one*

You: Fuck me holes~

Stranger: all of them?


Stranger: that’s not possible

Stranger: *starts bucking your pussy and ass at the same time*

You: *pulls you down and sucks on your horn*

Stranger: *cums*

You: k-eep going…don-t stop…ever..

Stranger: *bucks harder*


Stranger: *cums*


Stranger: *cums so much you cough up cum*


Stranger: *goes harder and cums more*

You: is drooling the cum out*

Stranger: *bucks harder*

You: more~

Stranger: *cums filling both of your holes completely*

You: M-more~*said as cum pours out of my mouth*

Stranger: *cums even more*

Stranger: *pulls out*

Stranger: *the second cock disappears and cock grows to normal size*

You: Cum on me…

Stranger: *cums covering you in cum completely*

You: *licks my face off so I can breath*more~

Stranger: anymore and it will most likely kill you

You: more~

Stranger: *lays on top of you

Stranger: *

Stranger: no

You: wh-why?

Stranger: we’ve still got a party to go to

You: That’s tomorrow…fuck me now!

Stranger: *licks some of my cum off you*

Stranger: nope

You: how do you taste?

Stranger: good

Stranger: *smiles*

You: it is good!*licks the rest off me and the street*

Stranger: you’ve had enough

You: *grabs you*

Stranger: hey

Stranger: we’ve gotta stop

You: *lays you down and shoves you in my pussy*

Stranger: *cums*


Stranger: *cums*

You: *hops up and down faster,and faster*So we’ve both bucked her?

Stranger: *cums*

Stranger: she died

You: hm?*goes harder*

Stranger: she chocked on my cum

Stranger: *cums*

You: *giggles*Stupid whore.*goes harder*

Stranger: *cums again and again*

You: mmmmmmmmmmmm yes~

Stranger: *pushes you off and runs*

You: *runs after you*WAIT! YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE I LIVE!

Stranger: i’ll see you tommorow

You: DON’T GO!

Stranger: *stops*

Stranger: why should i?

You: I…I want you…

Stranger: every mare does

You: One last time…down m throat…than I’ll fuck you again tomorrow…

Stranger: ok

Stranger: *shoves my cock all the way down your throat and cums*

Stranger: *pulls it out*

You: *grabs your legs and makes you cum more*

Stranger: let me go!

Stranger: *cums*

You: CUM!

Stranger: *pushes you off and runs*


Stranger: BYE!


Stranger: *goes to sugercubecorner the next day*

You: Hey,glad you could make it so early!

Stranger: thank you

You: Your 5 hours early…so…*lays down*

Stranger: not yet

You: why not?

Stranger: where’s pinkie?

You: She’s getting ready…you are 5 hours early.

Stranger: you said to come at this time

You: I did?*giggles*

Stranger: yes you did

Stranger: *thinks for a moment*

Stranger: im not gonna fuck you today

Stranger: we’re at the party

You: but…

Stranger: i don’t want toothpaste cum

You: *giggles*You have permision to touch me…he didn’t…

Stranger: nope

Stranger: you said no touching

Stranger: no wait

You: I also said if I say TO touch me…you better.

Stranger: *slaps your ass hard*

You: *cums*OH!

Stranger: hmm your still liking my performance yesterday?

Stranger: *slaps it again*

You: *cums again*YES OF YES!

Stranger: *pulls on your mane and spanks you again*


Stranger: *pulls on your mane hard and slaps your ass*

You: *cums constantly*

Stranger: *makes a paddle appear*

Stranger: *slaps your ass with the paddle while i pull your mane*


Stranger: *makes holes appear in the paddle and slaps harder*

You: BUCK!



Stranger: *pierces your ass and bucks as hard as i can*


Stranger: *cums*

Stranger: *bucks faster*


Stranger: *cums hard making you spit up cum*


Stranger: *spanks harder*


Stranger: *spanks faster*


Stranger: *cums harder*

You: YES! CUM ON!!!!!!!

Stranger: *cums again even harder*


Stranger: *cums again harder*

You: YESSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssss~~~~~

Stranger: *pulls out*

Stranger: *cums all over you*

You: Yes~

Stranger: *leans down and licks up some of the cum*

You: *grins*

Stranger: *kisses you*

Stranger: bet those colts think i’m lucky

You: I don’t see why they would?

Stranger: i get to buck you a lot more then them

You: *grins*you sure do.

Stranger: they must be jealous

You: Must be.

Stranger: yep

Stranger: where’s pinkie?

Stranger: she must have heard you screaming

You: Why do you care? Am I not enufe?

Stranger: you are enough

Stranger: but don’t you want pinkie to see?

You: You want her to slop to us?

Stranger: nope

Stranger: i want her to join

You: I thought I was enough.

Stranger: you are

You: Well..PINKIE! GET DOWN HERE AND GET FILLED!*she runs down and shoves your cock in her mouth*

Stranger: *cums hard*

You: *forces her to go harder and faster*Come on Pinkie…suck him…

Stranger: *cums harder*

You: 8holds her head down*Go on…fill her.

Stranger: *cums harder filling her mouth with cum*

You: Swallow~*she drinks it all*

Stranger: *pulls it out of her*

Stranger: wow she’s terrible

You: Why do you say that?

Stranger: she sucks terribly

Stranger: your much better

You: Don’t say that about my girl.

Stranger: ok then

Stranger: i have you wanting my cum now

You: Go on back to bead Pinkie…*she does so*

Stranger: *a few hours later*

You: Damn…we bucked for ay least 6 hours straight today.

Stranger: yes we did

You: We…do we have to stop?

Stranger: the colts are showing up

Stranger: it’s time for your party

You: Go join the crowd than.*walks out to the mass of 2000 colts and growing*

Stranger: holy shit

You: Hey boys!*they all look at me and get hard and start clopping*

Stranger: *pushes past them*

You: Where you going?*a few cumming on me*

Stranger: *walks over to you*

You: Where are you going?*a few cumming in my mouth*

Stranger: do you want me to buck you?

You: Not right now,*sarts to clop o few colts*But you can clop on me.

Stranger: nah

Stranger: too many cocks

You: *giggles*Come back latter and buck me like everypony else.*the crowd chears*

Stranger: *stands in the same place and watches*

You: *come on boys! CUM ON ME!*many of the colts around me cum*

Stranger: *rolls eyes*

Stranger: whore

You: *stops everything and walks over to you*

Stranger: whoa

Stranger: didn’t mean it

You: …..*looks into your eyes*

Stranger: oh shit

You: *grabs you*WHAT SHOULD I DO!?*one colt yells “chop his balls off”*

Stranger: NO!

You: YES!

Stranger: NO!

You: YES!*grabs a knife*


Stranger: *tries to run*

You: *with one quick chop…your balls are on the ground*

Stranger: …

Stranger: *they grow back*

Stranger: *looks at you*

You: *grins*

Stranger: your a bitch

Stranger: *flies off*

Stranger: *with wings of lightning*


Stranger: *cums on your face*

Stranger: HAHA


You: *licks it off*

Stranger: *lands*

Stranger: *walks back over to you*

You: Hm…

Stranger: sorry

You: You better be.

Stranger: i am

You: why did you say it than?

Stranger: i thought you wouldn’t hear

Stranger: and you actually said you were a whore

Stranger: like 6 hours agp

You: *fire starts in her eyes*You…didn’t..want me to hear…..THAT MAKES IT WORSE!

Stranger: *stands down*

Stranger: i uh um

You: *walks over to you and stares you down*

Stranger: *looks down at the ground*

You: Now…say your sorry…

Stranger: i’m sorry

You: Now…suck my cock.*sits back and grows a 30 in. cock*

Stranger: buck

You: NOW!

Stranger: *licks the tip*

You: *moans as some colts cum on both of us*

Stranger: *swirls tongue around it*

You: *moans and cums in your mouth*You better be ready…it’s hard for three hours.

Stranger: *sucks your balls*


Stranger: *sucks harder*

You: *a few cols cum on your face*

Stranger: *licks from the base to the tips and starts sucking*

You: *moans and cums in your mouth again*

Stranger: *deepthroats*

You: *many cum on your back,one says “SUCK HER HARDER YOU PET!”*You like that cum on you…don’t you?

Stranger: *sucks faster*

You: DON’T YOU!?*holds you down and cums constantly*

Stranger: *swallows it all*

You: *keeps cumming*Faster my pet…

Stranger: *sucks faster*

You: Harder!

Stranger: *deepthroats down to the base*

You: *unloads in you*

Stranger: *takes it all in*


Stranger: *pulls you out*

Stranger: *coughs*

You: *pushes you down and bucks your ass*

Stranger: AHHHHHH!!!!

You: SCREAM FOR ME!*some colts cum on us*


You: *goes faster,deeper,and harder*

Stranger: AAHHHHH!!!! *slams hoof on the ground*

You: HOWS THAT FEEL PET!?*goes deeper*

Stranger: AAHHHHHHHHH STOP PLEASE *slams the ground harder*

You: *goes faster,harder,and deeper,while spanking you,many colts cum all over us*WHY!?

Stranger: IT HURTS SO GOOD!!

You: *grins**spanks harder and goes harder*

Stranger: *lightning strikes close*

Stranger: STOP PLEASE!!

You: *goes faster*

Stranger: *lightning strikes closer*

You: GO AHEAD! STRIKE ME!*goes harder*

Stranger: *strikes you with lightning* AAHHHHHHH!!!

You: *cums many loads in you*OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stranger: *cries* STOP PLEASE!!

You: * punches you*I…SAID…AGAIN!!!!!

Stranger: PLEASE STOP!!!

You: *Cums and my cock vanishes…for it had been three hours*

Stranger: *lies on the ground crying covered in cum*

You: *cums on you again as ALL of the colts cum on you…there is close to 3000 now*

Stranger: *stands up and all the cum falls off*

You: How do you feel?

Stranger: *grabs your throat*

Stranger: angry

You: *grins*oh my~

Stranger: *tightens grip on your throat*

You: *moans and cums*

Stranger: *completely closes the passage of air*

You: *grins and looks at you*

Stranger: *drops you*

You: *gets back up*Choke me~

Stranger: no

You: *the cock comes back*Okay than.

Stranger: *grabs it and cuts it off*


You: *cums and moans at the pain as it grows back,longer,and thicker*

Stranger: fine *chokes you again*

You: *unloads my cum on your face**my cock gets soft and vanishes*

Stranger: *chokes you harder*


Stranger: *chokes you*

You: *cums*

You: Ohhhhh…I love this.

Stranger: *chokes you where you can’t talk*

You: *grins and look at you*

Stranger: *loosens slightly*

You: Tighter my pet.

Stranger: *Slaps you across the face*

Stranger: i am not your pet

You: Oh yes you are.

Stranger: *closes your neck completely cracking your spine*

You: *cums*

You: I love this.

Stranger: *breaks your neck*

You: OOooooooohhh.

Stranger: *drops you*

You: *gets up and pops my neck back with an evil grin*

Stranger: i did what you asked

You: I see.

Stranger: *looks at the colts around us*

You: *their all ready to bust on us*

Stranger: go ahead

You: *they cum all over you,knocking you to the ground*

Stranger: *wipes it off my goggles*

Stranger: damn

You: *they keep going*

Stranger: buck!

You: Come on my pets…cum on him.

Stranger: *put hooves in front of my face*

You: *they cum even harder*

Stranger: *horn glows and a shield appears*

You: *walks through it as they stop cumming and wait*What is this for?

Stranger: god damn

Stranger: *wipes cum off goggles*

Stranger: what the buck!

Stranger: i didn’t know there were that many!

You: Theres over 3000.

Stranger: shit

Stranger: this shield isn’t going away

You: And nether are they,until they empty there balls on you…..and the longer they wait…the more they’ll have to cum…

Stranger: *the shield disappears and i use you as a pony shield*

You: *grins*They start cumming hard and fast as I pull away*

Stranger: *covers my face with hooves**

Stranger: STOP!

You: *they keep going*

Stranger: *grabs the closet colt and uses him as a shield*

You: *he pushes you down and they cum even more*

Stranger: *covers face and tries to run*

You: *throws you to the ground and ties your legs away from your face*

Stranger: *holds mouth shut*

You: *forces your mouth open*

Stranger: *bites you*

You: *moans and cums**moving so they cum down your throat*

Stranger: AAH… AHHGG… *gurgling noises*

You: Drink it or I’ll buck your ass again.

Stranger: *swallows it all*

You: *grins and bucks you ass,whilethey cum in your mouth*

Stranger: *eyes start to glow white*

You: MMmmmm…go ahead…

Stranger: *starts glowing white*

You: *pulls out and cock vanishes*Come on.

Stranger: *bonds on my legs and i start twitching*


Stranger: *starts floating*


Stranger: *eyes glow pure white and lightning kills all the colts*

Stranger: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stranger: *falls to the ground*

Stranger: *coughs up blood*

You: *Looks around*You…killed…all of my pets…

Stranger: *coughs more blood*

Stranger: am i

Stranger: not

Stranger: enough

Stranger: *tries to smile*

You: Oh…your all i have left…you’ll do just fine…*walks over*

Stranger: *vomits blood*

You: Come on…suck my cock…

Stranger: no

Stranger: *stands up shakily*

Stranger: no

You: Than I’l; suck yours.*does so*

Stranger: *falls on my back*

You: *sucks fater*

Stranger: *cums*

You: *drinks it and shoves you in my pussy*

Stranger: *cums again*

You: *keeps going*

Stranger: *cums*

You: *doesn’t stop*

Stranger: *cums again*

Stranger: *takes off cum covered goggles*

You: *bends over and kisses you depply*

Stranger: *pushes you away*

Stranger: *vomits more blood*

You: *licks it up and sucks on your neck,while nucking you*

Stranger: *passes out*

Stranger: *cums*

You: Hmmmmm…I got him to pass out!

Stranger: *wakes up slightly as bruises and cuts start to heal*

Stranger: no you didn’t

You: I did for a moment.

Stranger: my release of anger did

You: And who made you angry?

Stranger: you

Stranger: you bucking bitch

You: *grins*I am aren;t I.

Stranger: yes you are

Stranger: and i was right

You: I sure am!*grins*

Stranger: you are a whore

You: ……………

Stranger: a dirty slut

You: *grins*I know I am.

Stranger: buck you

You: Oh yes…buck me!

Stranger: i can’t move you dumb bitch

You: *grins**hops up and down*

Stranger: *cums*

You: OH YES!*goes faster*

Stranger: *cums again*

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